The memories that adults can acquire generally come from special events such as weddings, pregnancies and other memorable occasions.  Using various parts of the body that signify the essence of the event, we capture the moment in three dimensions.

Humans use their hands to signify the bond between two people.  The essence of love, captured in three dimensions, can be a continual remembrance of that love when displayed prominently. 

Using hands, feet or other parts of the body to enhance the memory of events past can be fun or become the topic of conversation.  Examples of such might be a chef holding a vegetable, a baseball pitcher holding a ball, a golfer with his hole-in-one ball, a majorette holding her baton or the foot of a ballerina.

Many women wish to preserve their pregnancy through some kind of keepsake.  What better way than a life-sized reproduction, exactly as she was, that can be observed, touched and admired.  Many husbands like to participate by including their hands on the belly along with the mother-to-be.
The Lifecast Artist

The Human Torso

Many individuals choose to preserve a physical likeness of themselves or that of a companion.  Nearly every external part of the human body can be reproduced in life size and in extradinary detail.  Common lifecastings involve the front or back torso from the neck to above the knee or any part in between.

The mold making process takes about an hour, sometimes slightly less.  The casting is usually available to present to the client within three days.  The length of time depends on the finish the client chooses.
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