The Lifecast Artist

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Making a true copy of a child's hand or foot often is exasporating for a parent or even the artist.  Children like to move.  Children often fear the unfamiliar.  Children are not always in a good mood.

We have found that it is essential that the parent play an active roll as the child serves as the model. It is not unusual for the parent to have to hold the hand of and infant or in the case of a toddler, hold them and gently bounce them as they undergo the molding process which usually takes less than seven minutes.

The best results are obtained when the child is calm and content.  Often children are more comfortable in their own surroundings.  It is not unusual for us to travel to the child's home to cast the initial mold.    

Even with the slight difficulty that can occur in the mold making process of a child, the mold will generally produce a very fine cast that will last for years and serve to relive many fond memories.
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