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Lifecasting is an art form where the artist uses a part of the subject's body to make a mold.  From that mold, a cast is made that mimics the original body part.

Because lifecasts are three dimensional, they preserve memories far better than other media.  Lifecasting is unique.  The lifecasting experience itiself is an event.  The lifecast, however, is something that can be enjoyed and treasured forever.  It is a piece of fine art, a memory you can reach out and touch.

The comfort and privacy of our clients is of the utmost importance to us.  We use only one natural alginate (from seaweed) to create our molds.  Only the alginate touches the body.  When working with children, we encourage the parents to take an active part.  When children are calm and content the best results are obtained.  When the lifecast requires that private parts of the body be exposed, clients are encouraged to have a trusted companion with them.  When the client is unaccompanied, we will have an associate present to help with the process and who is of the same sex as the model.  We recognize that our clients are generally not professional models.  As such, we minimize the amount of time a client must remain in one position.  For most lifecasts, this is only a few minutes.

Click on "Pricing" for pricing options. - We accept cash or checks.  Should you wish to pay via credit or debit card, payment is available through paypal and the internet.  We will gladly provide instructions.
Serving the Greater Columbus, Ohio Community
There are many varied kinds of lifecasts from which you may choose.  Some examples are contained here.  We have many options from which you may choose.  Where there are limits, we will advise. 

We find that some customers prefer to have molds taken in their own home or at a location of their choosing.  Others may find that our studio is preferable.  We are open to all.  Please keep in mind that for best results, the casting process should be started within one hour of the mold being taken.